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Dogwood Canyon Nature Park

Dogwood Canyon is a private nature park in Stone County (and partly in Carroll County, Arkansas) southwest of Branson.  The park is along Dogwood and Little Indian Creeks, which flow into Table Rock Lake.  There are a number of small waterfalls along tributaries flowing into the creeks, though they are artificially enhanced.  As a private park, it's $10 per person admission and another $10 to hike through the 3-mile canyon on a paved trail.  If you don't want to hike, they have bicycles available for rent and tram tours.  Reservations are recommended for the tram tour.  Fishing is also very popular on the creeks.

Contact Information:

2038 West State Hwy 86
Lampe, Missouri 65681

Phone: 1.877.459.5687
Fax: 1.417.779.5363
Email: info@dogwoodcanyon.org


Dogwood Canyon is located southwest of Branson near Lampe.  From Branson, head south on US-65 for about 9 miles and turn right on MO-86 west.  Go through the traffic circle and continue for 11.5 miles.  Turn right on MO-13 north/MO-86 west and go 3 miles then turn left to stay on MO-86 west.  The entrance to the park is on the left in 2.1 miles and is well signed.



Dogwood Canyon has 6.5 miles of paved trails open to hiking and biking and 3 miles of unpaved trails for hikers only.  Note that there is a hiking fee in addition to the admission fee to access most of the trails.

Box Canyon Trail:

Length: 0.3 miles (one way)
Surface: Unpaved

Box Canyon Trail starts from the main paved trail just past the Chuckwagon Site.  It leads a little over a quarter-mile into a little box canyon.

Dogwood Canyon Trail:

Length: 3.2 miles (one way)
Surface: Paved

Dogwood Canyon Trail is a 3.2-mile trail that leads through the canyon and passes by the majority of the points of interest in the canyon.  The trail follows the tram route for much of the way so use caution when the trams are passing.

Points of Interest:

Here are some of the points of interest that we stopped at on our hike through the canyon along the Dogwood Canyon Trail.

Indian Cliff Falls:

Indian Cliff Falls is a beautiful waterfall just past the mill.  This is the only waterfall you can access without purchasing the hiking pass.

Long Pine Crossing:

Long Pine Crossing is a covered bridge within the first half-mile of the trail.  It was constructed in 1992 by Daniel Schwartz and his crew, who are members of an Amish community near Springfield.

Hope Wilderness Chapel:

The chapel is not far past Long Pine Crossing.  It was built by park staff in 2002 as a replica of churches from the 19th century.  It is available for weddings and special functions.

Chapel Falls:

Chapel Falls is a small waterfall right behind Hope Wilderness Chapel.  We asked a park employee if it had a name and he said no, so we called it Chapel Falls.

Thunder Falls:

Thunder Fall is an "enhanced" waterfall about 0.7 miles down Dogwood Canyon Trail.  The park claims it's 60 feet high, but I'm not sure if that's accurate.


There is a small unnamed cave along the trail about 1.5 miles down the trail.  It is gated to keep visitors out.

Great Spirit Rock Shelter and Falls:

The Great Spirit Rock Shelter is about 1.7 miles down the trail.  A waterfall flows over the rock shelter.

Stairs lead up to the rock shelter so you can get behind the waterfall.  Human remains dating back almost 8000 years were discovered here.

Fire Pit Cave:

Fire Pit Cave is a pretty red rock cave about 1.8 miles into the hike.  Just after Great Spirit Rock Shelter, bear right at the split to see Fire Pit Cave.

Kid's Cave:

Kid's Cave is a submerged cave about 1.8 miles into the hike.  Just after Great Spirit Rock Shelter, bear left at the split to see Kid's Cave.  It is 250 feet deep, but only 12 inches high in places, hence the name.

Glory Hole:

Glory Hole is a submerged cave almost 300 feet deep that opens to a beautiful turquoise pool.  It's about 1.9 miles down Dogwood Canyon Trail.  A small waterfall drops into the pool above the cave.

Emerald Pool:

Emerald Pool is another scenic pool about 2.5 miles down the trail.  A waterfall flows into the pool.

Cave Spring:

Cave Spring is a cave with a spring inside, about 2.7 miles down the trail.

Trapper's Cabin:

The Trapper's Cabin is used as the Fly Fishing School.  It is about 3.1 miles down the trail, after passing into Arkansas.

Wish Bowl Falls:

Wish Bowl Falls marks the end of the hiking trail at 3.2 miles from the start, about a quarter mile after passing into Arkansas.  Golden rainbow trout are found in the pool at the base.

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