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Rock Bridge Memorial State Park

Rock Bridge Memorial State Park is a 2200-acre park in Boone County just south of Columbia.  The park features some of Missouri's most interesting geological features - sinkholes, caves, an underground stream and the rock bridge or which the park is named.  The Devil's Icebox is a double sinkhole with an underground stream, which flows under the rock bridge.  This stream was a source of power for early settlers who named the community Rockbridge Mills.  Although the area was always somewhat available to the public, the tragic death of a 9-year old girl struck and killed by a car in the area in 1961 led to community pressure to permanently protect the area.  Rock Bridge Memorial State Park was established in 1967.

Contact Information:

5901 South Highway 163
Columbia, MO 65203-8195

Phone: (573) 449-7402



Devil's Icebox Trail:

Length: 0.5 miles
Blaze: Yellow

Devil's Icebox Trail starts at the Devil's Icebox parking off MO-163 and leads to some of the park's highlights.  The Rock Bridge, the park's namesake, is a short distance from the stop.  Take the turn before the Rock Bridge to lead to Devil's Icebox, a double sinkhole with access to Devil's Icebox and Connor's Caves.

Sinkhole Trail:

Length: 1.25 miles
Blaze: Green

Sinkhole Trail starts at the Devil's Icebox parking off MO-163 and makes a loop following old roads.  Several wet and dry sinkholes can be seen just off the trail, as well as signs of the area's agricultural past.

Points of Interest:

Devil's Icebox:

The Devil's Icebox is a double sinkhole that provides an entrance to two caves - Devil's Icebox and Connor's Cave.  It is located at the end of Devil's Icebox Trail.  Visitors are allowed to explore Connor's Cave, but flashlights, helmets and caving gear are needed.  Devil's Icebox Cave is closed to visitors.

Rock Bridge:

The Rock Bridge is a 63-foot high natural tunnel.

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