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Charlotte Metro Area

The Charlotte Metro Area includes the city of Charlotte and the surrounding areas.


Mecklenburg County Parks:

Reedy Creek Park and Nature Preserve:  Reedy Creek, in northeastern Mecklenburg County includes a park with picnic shelters and athletic fields and a nature preserve with several miles of hiking trails and a nature center.

State Parks:

Crowders Mountain State Park:  Crowders Mountain is about 30 miles southwest of Charlotte near Gastonia and has several miles of hiking trails leading up to the park's namesake mountain and King's Pinnacle.  A trail also connects to adjacent parks in South Carolina.

Morrow Mountain State Park:  Morrow Mountain near Abelmarle is about 45 minutes northeast of Charlotte and has about 30 miles of hiking trails and camping facilities.

External Links:

Mecklenburg County Parks & Recreation website: http://charmeck.org/mecklenburg/county/parkandrec/parks/Pages/default.aspx