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Calloway Forest Preserve

Calloway Forest Preserve protects nearly 3,000 acres of longleaf pine forest in Hoke County near Fort Bragg.  The North Carolina DOT purchased the property in 1981 to mitigate loss of red-cockaded woodpecker habitat from the highway construction near Fayetteville.  NCDOT transferred the property to the Nature Conservancy and it is jointly managed with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission as Rockfish Creek Game Land.  Logging, development and fire suppression have decimated the longleaf pine.  The Nature Conservancy is working to restore some of the longleaf forest through conservation and prescribed burns.  There are several miles of old roads winding through the preserve to allow exploration, but keep in mind that hunting is allowed.


The preserve is located in Hoke County near Five Points.  From Fayetteville, take US-401 south for about 18 miles to Silver City.  Bear right on Turnpike Road and go 1.5 miles to NC-211.  Turn right on NC-211 north and go 3.8 miles.  Turn right and cross the railroad tracks to the parking area for Calloway Forest.



There aren't any official trails in the preserve, but there are several miles of roads throughout to hike and explore.  The main road, open to vehicles during hunting season, makes a 7-mile partial loop throughout the preserve.


Calloway Forest protects an area of longleaf pine forest, that once covered more than 90 million acres in the southeastern United States.  Characterized by the fire-resistant longleaf pine (Pinus palustris) and wiregrass (Aristida stricta), the preserve is managed through prescribed burns.

The forest is a great place to see wildflowers as the thin canopy of the longleaf pine allows much sunlight to reach the forest floor.  Spurge nettle (Cnidoscolus stimulosus) produces white flowers, but don't touch - the urticating hairs will leave a painful sting.

Sky blue lupine (Lupinus diffusus) is a beautiful wildflower with light blue flower spikes.

Vetch is a weed, but the flowers are quite pretty.

Grayhairy wild indigo (Baptisia cinerea)

Longbranch frostweed (Helianthemum canadense)

Piedmont staggerbush (Lyonia mariana)

Grassleaf roseling (Callisia graminea)