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Haw River Trail

The Haw River Trail is a proposed 80-mile trail following its namesake from Guilford County to Jordan Lake.  Currently, about 19 miles of land trail are complete and the longest contiguous section is about 8 miles, between Burlington and Haw River in Alamance County.  About half of the Haw River Trail will follow the statewide Mountains-to-Sea Trail.  The concept of the Haw River Trail began more than a decade ago through the collaboration of state and local governments, nonprofit organizations and private individuals.  In addition to the land trail, there are 14 access points for the Haw River Paddle Trail.

Contact Information:

Haw River Coordinator
Phone: (336) 229-2380


Haw River Trail:

Several sections of the Haw River Trail are currently open, but I've only hiked the Glencoe and Sellers Falls segments.

Glencoe Segment:

The Glencoe Segment runs from Indian Valley Paddle Access to Stoney Creek Marina.  The northern trailhead is at Indian Valley Paddle Access, where limited street parking is available.  The trail descends to the river and follows it a short ways before leading up to Whispering Wind Road.  Turn right and follow the road a short ways, then right again to head back into the woods and run along the perimeter of a golf course.  After the golf course, the trail runs through Great Bend Park and past the scenic Glencoe Mill Dam.  After the park the trail runs through the town of Glencoe on streets and then to Glencoe Paddle Access.  After passing under NC-62, the trail follows the river before crossing two streets and then following the shore of Stoney Creek Reservoir.  This segment ends at Stoney Creek Marina.

Sellers Falls Segment:

Sellers Falls segment runs from Stoney Creek Marina to Red Slide Park.  I haven't hiked the entire thing.  From Stoney Creek Marina, follow the road and turn left on Carolina Road.  Go down the hill and turn left on Carolina Mill Road to cross Haw River on a bridge.  There is an old dam just upstream.  After the bridge, follow the trail in the woods a short ways to Sandy Cross Road and turn right and go under a quarter-mile to where the trail heads into the woods again.  The trail eventually comes to US-70, but I haven't hiked all the way.


Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) is an early spring wildflower with orange sap that resembles blood.

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