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Bald Rock Heritage Preserve

Bald Rock Heritage Preserve is a 165-acre preserve in Greenville County bordering Caesars Head State Park. It's easy to access with a pulloff right on US-276. The rock, for which the preserve is named, is an open granite face with panoramic views of Table Rock and the surrounding foothills of Pickens and Greenville Counties. Although most of the rock is bare, there are a few areas where moss and lichens have colonized and created cracks in the rock filled with organic material, which provides an opportunity for plants and trees to begin growing. The views from the rock of the surrounding countryside are beautiful; unfortunately, the rock itself, not so much. There is a lot of graffiti covering almost all the bare rock surfaces. If you visit, please be respectful and do not vandalize the rock and report it if you see anyone doing it.


The preserve is located on the east side of US-276, 2.1 miles north of SC-11 and 5.25 miles south of Caesars Head State Park.  There are a good number of parking spots on the side of the road and a small bridge leads from the parking area to the rock.

External Links:

SCDNR website: https://www.dnr.sc.gov/mlands/managedland?p_id=2