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Aviator Brewery Tour

posted Apr 13, 2012, 5:21 PM by Justin P
After work on Thursday, I met Sandy after work for a tour of the Aviator Brewery, my favorite beer.  We had a few beers before the tour started.  On the website, they said to come on a Thursday or Friday, because it gets crowded on Saturday, so I was surprised that there were close to 20 other people on the tour.  The guide told us about the four main ingredients in beer - hops, grain, yeast, and water.  Then went on to discuss the history of the brewery.  It was started in 2008 in a airplane hangar, hence the name, and moved to its present location to increase capacity.  And they've been continuing to increase capacity ever since.  He also talked about the various equipment used in the brewing process.  After answering some questions, we purchased some Aviator to go, and had dinner at the Tap Room in the main town in Fuquay-Varina.