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Camping in Brevard

posted Aug 8, 2011, 6:02 AM by Justin P
I spent this weekend at the Kuykendall camping spot near Brevard, NC.  Friday night, we headed down there and set up camp.  Saturday morning, we went to Gorges State Park.  We hiked the Rainbow Falls trail out of the park to Rainbow Falls and then on to Turtleback Falls.  Rainbow Falls was absolutely beautiful and much larger then I expected.  Due to rain in the area, the water flow was better than usual.  At Turtleback Falls, we slid down the basin and swam in the basin.  It was quite humid, so the cold water was refreshing.  And the "water slide" was lots of fun.  Just as we were leaving, it started to rain heavily, so we went back to Brevard and tried to avoid the rain.

Sunday morning, we packed up camp and headed to DuPont State Forest.  We hiked first to Hooker Falls and then to Triple Falls.  Triple Falls consists of three falls, each of which would be impressive by itself.  But all together, the three falls were amazing.  There is a lot of rocky area to climb out and wade into the falls basin, take photos, or just enjoy the view.  This is a place I definitely would like to return and visit again when I have more time to spend.  After Triple Falls, we headed back home.  With all the waterfalls I've visited in the past two weeks, I am planning to make a new page for NC Waterfalls.  I will update this soon.