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Canyoneering Parker Creek

posted Apr 26, 2019, 4:43 PM by Justin P   [ updated Apr 26, 2019, 4:43 PM ]
Friday morning, we checked out and headed to Ma's Kitchen for breakfast.  Then we made a short drive to the diversion dam and met our guide, David.  From here, we followed David into Tonto National Forest.  Along the way, he pointed out a crested Saguaro cactus along the road.  We parked at a pull Off, got our stuff together and hiked towards Parker Creek canyon.  When we got to the start of the canyon, we put on our wet suits and descended into the canyon.  The first part was just creek walking and pretty easy.  The first real obstacle was a water slide.  We could have gone around but it was a lot more fun sliding down.  We were pretty deep in the canyon now with the walls towering high above.  And now the rappelling began.  Our first two rappels weren't too big - pretty much a warm up for what was to come.  Then we rappelled down a 60-foot waterfall that was quite impressive.  Shortly after, we came to the big one - an 80-foot waterfall.  As David was setting up the ropes, I noticed that there were a lot cacti growing in the basalt cliffs.  They were really beautiful and looked like manicured cactus gardens.  But not too much time for photos as we had a big one to head down.  It was really fun.  At the base, we got out of our wetsuits and started making the climb out of the canyon through a very steep draw.  It reminded me of the Devil's Slide in Black Canyon of the Gunnison.  Soon, we made it to the top.  I was shocked looking at my phone that we had been in for over 6 hours.  Hiking back, we got some awesome views of the canyon from above.  Lots of cacti and wildflowers blooming along the way.  Back at the cars, we said good-bye to David and started making our way back towards Phoenix.  We stopped for Mexican for dinner and then checked into the Embassy Suites.  It was a very nice room, but we were tired and went to bed.