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Cedarock and Eno Riverwalk

posted Dec 30, 2018, 2:34 PM by Justin P   [ updated Jan 2, 2019, 4:51 PM ]
Monday was a holiday so I headed to Cedarock Park south of Burlington for a hike.  I parked near the Park Office and restrooms and picked up Rock Creek Trail near the picnic area.  The trail descended down to the creek and then made a loop - I went left, crossing rock creek twice and reaching another split.  Rocky Branch, a small tributary tumbled down into the creek at a bridge.

Across the bridge was a second loop on Rock Creek Trail and I went left again.  A little further, I passed the old mill dam.

Although not natural, the waterfall over the dam was quite scenic and higher than I expected.

Continuing on the paved Curtis Mill Trail, I stopped for some pictures on the other side of the creek.

Then I got back on the first loop and continued on.  Near the end, I took the Connector Trail to hit the other side of the park.  The connector trail is a loop and I first went on the lower portion.  It was really muddy and swampy being in the Rock Creek floodplain.  I was glad there was an alternative for the way back.  At the other end, I picked up Spoon Branch Trail and went left, following its namesake up.

Then I looped back around the other side of the stream and took the bridge over Rock Creek.  The trail led up to the parking at Garrett Historical Farm.  Along the way, it passed a nice little waterfall on Fox Branch.

Finishing up the loop on Spoon Branch Trail, I took the upper Connector Trail to avoid the swampy mess and then Rock Creek Trail back to my car.  Sandy was still working and I wanted to get another hike in, so I stopped in Hillsborough along the way at Gold Park.  The town's Riverwalk along the Eno is now part of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail.  From Gold Park, I followed the trail eastbound through Hillsborough along Eno River.  Right past the park, the trail passed under an old railroad bridge.

The paved greenway trail follows right along the river with nice views.

And it passes right through downtown Hillsborough, so a great way to get around town.  A Sight to Behold, a Stickwork sculpture was right off the trail.

Where the Riverwalk ended, a gravel road led through the Classical American Homes Preservation Trust sites, including the Historic Occoneechee Speedway.  Past the speedway, the trail led through James M. Johnston Nature Preserve.  The trail was a bit more rugged here - narrow, steep and rocky.

It wasn't a long section, but very scenic and I enjoyed it.  The trail ended at US-70 and it's road walking from here to Eno River State Park, so I turned around.