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Eno River

posted Nov 19, 2011, 2:09 PM by Justin P
Today, Sandy and I hiked at Eno River State Park, doing hike 14 of the 100 Classic Hikes.  The group will be doing this hike while we are on our honeymoon, so I wanted to get caught up.  We hiked down to Fews Ford from the parking lot and took Buckquarter Creek Trail going counterclockwise.  At the split, we took Ridge Trail up to where it crosses Buckquarter Creek.  There is no bridge and only wet rocks to jump across, so we decided to not to cross and headed back.  On the way back, we hiked the short Knight and Piedmont Trails, then back to Buckquarter Creek Trail.  Continuing on, we crossed the footbridge across Buckquarter Creek and took Holden Mill Trail, also in the counterclockwise direction.  The trail actually has a bit of elevation gain, especially considering we were in Durham.  The trail then goes back down and I took the short Holden Mill Loop out to the old dam and back.  Further on Holden Mill Trail along the Eno River, we stopped at a rocky outcropping and took some pictures of the water flowing over rapids.  Finishing the Holden Mill Trail, we took the footbridge back to Buckquarter Creek Trail and finished this up running along the Eno River.  After leaving the park, we went to the poinsettia open house at Homewood Nursery and picked out some flowers for the holiday season.