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Eno River and Falls Lake

posted Feb 26, 2012, 11:20 AM by Justin P   [ updated Feb 26, 2012, 11:25 AM ]
Yesterday, I hiked at Eno River State Park from the Few's Ford area.  I parked at the last parking lot and headed out along the Cox Mountain Trail.  I crossed the swinging bridge and followed the trail to where it splits.  Here I turned left to climb up the mountain.  Not much of a mountain, but the trail up to an elevation of about 700 feet was fairly steep and I was wearing a backpack for added workout.  Then I followed the trail down the mountain and along the Eno River to loop back around.  I took the Fanny's Ford Trail to followed the river a little ways further to Few's Ford, then back to the Cox Mountain Trail.  Just before the parking lot, I took the short Eno Trace Trail - an easy half-mile loop with interpretive signs.

This morning, I led a hike for Sections 17 through 21 of the Falls Lake Trail.  We carpooled to the trailhead on Hereford Road, crossed the bridge and turned into the woods to start our hike.  After a short while, we came to a bridge crossing at Redwood Road, the start of Section 18, which led to the Hickory Hill Boat Ramp.  Section 19 led from the boat ramp to a small airport near the bridge over Falls Lake on I-85.  Section 20 paralleled I-85 for a bit then went through a tunnel under the highway and back into the woods to Tom Clark Road.  The last section, 21, followed some old railroad tracks before crossing them and going around a lake.  The trail went through a swampy area and to the south, there was a "mountain" of soil and dirt - possibly a construction project of some sort.  After that, we hit Red Mill Road, our turnaround spot.  Two more hikes to go to complete the Falls Lake Trail.