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Eno River Hike and Swim

posted Jul 28, 2012, 4:29 PM by Justin P
It was a hot and humid day today.  A little too much for a long, strenuous hike.  So instead, we did a shorter hike followed by a a swim at Eno River State Park.  We started out at the Fews Ford Section in Orange County and hiked the Buckquarter Creek Trail.  It was very hot and sticky, especially after a week in Iceland.  But I'm back and so I need to get used to this weather again.  We trekked along to the bridge over Buckquarter Creek and crossed to hike the Holden's Mill Trail, bearing to the right to get the hilly section out of the way first.  Although the slope is gradual, going uphill is tough in the intense heat and it was a welcome relief when we started going back down, with the occasional light breeze providing a bit of cooling.  We stopped where the Holden Mill loop splits off and decided to skip that for today, and finished up the trail along the Eno River.  This part of the trail follows right along the shore of the Eno River and is particularly scenic and enjoyable with a few rock scrambles along the way.  Unfortunately, the rocks here hot, having been baking in the hot sun all day.  When we returned to the bridge, we took the Buckquarter Creek Trail back, again following the river.  Near Fews Ford, some bathers will resting in a cascade along the river and it looked quite refreshing.  But we would be swimming elsewhere.  We returned to the parking lot and carpooled to the Cabe Lands Section, taking the Cabe Lands and Eno Quarry Trails to the quarry and took a quick dip in the water to cool off.  The water was quite warm - jumping in I was surprised (and a little disappointed) that the water was cooler.  This was my first time at the quarry and it was definitely a popular spot.  It was a good decision to carpool to Cabe Lands; there were only enough parking spaces for our four cars and that was with two cars leaving as we were arriving.  And there is NO street parking - ticketing and towing of cars parked on the street is heavily enforced.  At the quarry, there were dozens of people here enjoying the water.  After about fifteen minutes in the water, we headed back, a little cooler than when we started.