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Final Section of Falls Lake

posted Mar 25, 2012, 12:28 PM by Justin P
This morning, I led the hike for the final section of the Falls Lake Trail - 23 from Red Mill Road to Old Oxford Highway.  Although there was no rain today, yesterday saw some significant storms and the trail was wet and soggy.  The trail was wet and had many puddles for most of the first part of the hike.  Additionally, there were some stream crossings that required a bit of bushwhacking to find a suitable crossing.  Then the trail headed up to a bluff over Eno River that was quite scenic, before heading back down to more soggy trail and un-bridged stream crossings.  It cleared up for a bit towards the end, but at the very end of the trail, just before going up to Old Oxford Highway, the trail was completely flooded for a hundred meters or so.  We went around the flooded part and got back on the trail to head up to the road, the end of the Falls Lake Trail.  The MST follows the road from here to West Point on the Eno.  But that is a hike for another day.  So we turned around and headed back.  And it was just as wet and soggy on the return trip.