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Fossil Creek Falls

posted Apr 25, 2019, 3:58 PM by Justin P   [ updated Apr 25, 2019, 3:58 PM ]
Thursday, we checked out of the hotel and headed north.  Near Camp Verde, we got on the rough FR-708 towards Fossil Creek.  It was almost an hour drive on this long and bumpy gravel road to reach the Waterfall Trailhead parking.  The trail started just a little ways up the closed section of the road.  It was about a mile to the waterfall, but lots of wildflowers blooming so we made a couple stops.  Fossil Creek itself is really pretty and there were some nice cascades along the trail.  When we reached Fossil Creek Falls, nobody else was here.  I got some pictures and then tested the water.  It was cold, but such a beautiful color of turquoise.  So I braved the cold water and took a dip.  It was chilly so I didn't stay in long, but very refreshing.  The air is so dry in Arizona, I didn't need a towel and dried off in just a couple minutes.  As I got out of the water, more people started showing up so we didn't stay much longer.  Leaving the Fossil Creek area, we headed back to Payson and headed to the Water Wheel Recreation Area.  A trail leads along the river to the confluence with Ellison Creek.  Some small cascades were on the main creek.  We crossed and followed Ellison Creek upstream to Ellison Creek Cascades, a scenic little waterfall.  The water was cold here again and I decided not to take another dip.  After some pictures, we headed back.  Then we drove south past Roosevelt Lake to the Roosevelt Resort Park.  After checking in to the hotel, we had dinner at the restaurant and then retired for the evening.