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Hiking in Hurricane Florence

posted Sep 16, 2018, 12:51 PM by Justin P   [ updated Sep 16, 2018, 12:51 PM ]
Hurricane Florence had minimal impact in the Triangle area.  And although local parks, state parks, national parks and even national forests were closed, Triangle Land Conservancy did not close their nature preserves.  It was still raining on Sunday, but only lightly, so we took Alex to Horton Grove Nature Preserve, north of Durham.  It rained for most of the hike, but never too hard and the trees absorbed most of it, so we managed to stay mostly dry.  Along Jordan Trail, we spotted a box turtle along the trail.

He didn't seem to mind the rain.  And we made a stop at the farm pond along Sowell Trail.

The water level was up, but it didn't look like any risk of imminent flooding.  In fact, all the trails around the preserve were in good shape and none of the bridges had washed out.  Alex was getting frustrated being stuck inside, so it was nice to get him out for a hike.

Overall, we hiked about 6 miles around the preserve and had a great time despite the dreary weather.