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Indiana Waterfalls

posted May 30, 2019, 3:41 PM by Justin P   [ updated May 30, 2019, 3:41 PM ]
For Memorial Day weekend, I had United miles that would expire so I flew to Chicago to get waterfalls in a couple more states. Being United, my flight was delayed, Avis was incredibly slow in getting my rental car, and Chicago traffic was terrible. But finally, I made it to Indiana. My first stop was at Fall Creek Gorge, near Williamsport. A short trail led into the gorge. Soon I came to a crossing of a tributary at a little chute. Just upstream on Fall Creek was the most narrow section of the gorge. There were a lot of potholes in the creek here and it was really scenic. And very out of place here in rural Indiana. The trail continued a little further to a small waterfall on Fall Creek. Although it wasn't very high, it was creek wide and scenic. There were some pretty wildflowers blooming here as well. After some pictures, I headed back. My next stop was Williamsport Falls, the highest in Indiana at 90 feet. The view from the overlook was mostly obscured by trees, but it was flowing well. I continued past the fence and found a place to scramble down to the base for a better view. The lighting wasn't great but the waterfall was really nice. Hard to believe such a big waterfall in such an otherwise flat area. After some pictures, I climbed back up. My next stop was across the Wabash River at Portland Arch Nature Preserve. A short trail led to the arch, one of only a very few in Indiana. In high water, the small tributary was flowing under the arch. Continuing on, the trail led past some nice rocky cliffs along the stream. There were some wildflowers blooming along the trail and I saw a cute raccoon as I was finishing up. Just a short drive further was the trailhead for South Trail. This trail also followed the creek and had nice views of the rocky cliffs. After finishing up the hike, I drove to Lafayette and checked into the Hampton Inn. Just across the street was access to the Wabash Heritage Trail. I followed this trail southbound passing the wastewater treatment plant and then a beautiful field of yellow wildflowers. I had seen a couple of these fields driving in but nowhere to stop. So this was a good opportunity to get some photos. The paved West Lafayette section ended shortly and I got on the unpaved Tippecanoe County portion. Flooding on the Wabash River prevented going much further. So I turned around and headed back. I was getting hungry by this point so went to Scottys Brewhouse for dinner then back to the hotel.