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Little River

posted May 5, 2012, 11:25 AM by Justin P
Today, we hiked at Little River Regional Park and Natural Area in Orange County, just north of Durham County.  The weather was questionable with the possibility of rain.  The humidity was very high, but it didn't start raining during our hike.  We started hiking past the parking lot and  turned left to hike down the Ridge Trail.  Following this trail nearly to the end, we turned right on Homestead Trail and followed this to North River Trail and back to the Ridge Trail.  We missed the river along the North River Trail, so after back-tracking a bit along the Ridge Trail, we turned on to the South River Loop Trail and followed this down to where it parallels the river for a short ways.  The Little River is supposed to be one of the cleanest rivers in the state, but it didn't look that way.  Perhaps because it hasn't rained in a while, the water level was very low and the river was barely flowing.  But it didn't look that clean and there wasn't a good place to stop, so we finished up the loop and went back to the Ridge Trail and finished our hike.  Then, to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, we had Mexican for lunch on the way home.