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Medoc Mountain

posted Nov 5, 2011, 5:25 PM by Justin P
Today, we headed to Medoc Mountain State Park to complete hike #40 from the 100 Classic Hikes.  We started at the main parking lot and hiked the Stream Loop Trail to the second intersection with Discovery Loop Trail and took this to the bridge over Little Fishing Creek.  We then hiked Dam Site Loop Trail clockwise to Summit Loop Trail and hiked to the top of Medoc Mountain.  There is no scenic overlook here, as there are trees growing on top as well as beauty berry bushes.  We finished up Summit Loop Trail and crossed the bridge and finished up Discovery Loop Trail.  Along the Little Fishing Creek bank, we saw a raccoon who did not seem too concerned about the approaching humans.  Next, we turned right on Stream Loop Trail to end up at the open space back at the parking lot.  We ate lunch at the picnic area and then took the Bluff Loop Trail around and back to the parking lot.  Since we had completed nearly all the trails in the park, we decided to finish them up, so drove to the visitor center parking lot and hiked the Bear Swamp Trail up and back and went around the short Air Awareness Trail.