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Redwood Road Detour

posted Dec 23, 2017, 1:13 PM by Justin P   [ updated Dec 23, 2017, 1:13 PM ]
Saturday, we took Alex for a hike at Falls Lake.  Last year on my Falls Lake hike, a sinkhole had formed in Redwood Road.  It was closed to traffic, but we could hike it to connect sections 17 and 18.

Since then, the road has been completely removed and there is no way to cross, on foot or otherwise.  Initially, there was a 7 mile road walk to detour around for the Mountains-to-Sea Trail.  Now, there is a 2-mile trail hike for a detour, so we went out to check it out.  We parked on Hereford Road at the east trailhead for section 17.  This section is a little over a mile and we came out at Redwood Road.  To the right, the road was barricaded, but a blue-blazed trail picked up across the street.  The trail was very well blazed and easy to follow heading upstream on Panther Creek.  About a mile up at the creek crossing, there was no reasonable way across.

So we bushwhacked upstream to just past an island in the creek and found an easy to cross and stay dry.  Continuing through the woods a short ways, we came to an old abandoned railway and turned right.  This old railway went all the way to Redwood Road on the other side of the gap.

Part of the way down, was the remains of an old bridge - much safer to just go around this one.

As we got to Redwood Road, I went out to the lake, since the water was so low to get a picture of Redwood Road.

We continued on sections 18 and 19 and went as far as the tunnel under I-85 before turning around.