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Robertson Millpond

posted Oct 21, 2017, 2:58 PM by Justin P
Saturday was a beautiful fall day, so we decided to take our kayaks out and go to Robertson Millpond Preserve.  We arrived around 930 and put in at the dock.  Park staff have installed numbered buoys to mark a paddle trail through the swamp.  The last time we visited, about a year ago, the buoys went up to 37, at which point we had to turn around.  Now, they've made a complete loop going all the way up to #73.  The weather was just perfect and the pond was so scenic.

Sandy was excited to kayak since we haven't been in a while, so we went around the loop rather quickly.  Since it's just over a mile, we continued on another partial loop, going a lot slower so we could enjoy the views and get some pictures.

The bald cypress trees here are really beautiful and so unexpected to find them here in Wake County.  I even found some Spanish moss.

We went about a quarter of the way through the loop then slowly made out way back.