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Rock Climbing in Joshua Tree

posted Apr 25, 2019, 3:50 PM by Justin P   [ updated Jun 10, 2019, 4:45 PM ]
Wednesday, we checked out after having breakfast and went to Cliffhangers, right across from the Joshua Tree National Park visitor center, for our rock climbing adventure.  Our tour guide was Seth and he was a great guide and rock climbing instructor.  After getting our gear together, we followed Seth into the park and stopped along Lost Mine Road.  A short hike led to the Beaver Dam, our first climb.   We warmed up with a couple climbs up the Beaver Dam.

It was a really pretty area and lots of fun climbing.  After a couple warm up climbs, we headed to the Towers of Temptation.  There were three routes to go up here.  First we did a couple climbs on the middle one.  The views of the wildflower super blooms from the top were great.

Then we climbed on the left tower, which was rather easy with a ton of hand and foot holds.  After a couple climbs on this one, we had a nice lunch in the shade.  Seth said that this year's superbloom was the best he had seen in 20 years living here.

Finally, we climbed the right tower.  I was pretty tired by this time and didn't make it all the way up, but Sandy did.

Finishing up with the rock climbing, we said good-bye to Seth and drove through the park.   We made a quick stop at Live Oak, just past Skull Rock.  We first stopped at the picnic area where there were a lot of cool rocks, but no oak.

We had to drive a little further to the end of the road to see the tree.  This giant oak tree looks very out of place in the desert.

It's remarkable that such a tree can survive in the harsh desert environment. We made one more stop further along the road where ocotillo were blooming.

We left the park at the south entrance and go on I-10 east back into Arizona.  In Phoenix, we headed north and checked into the Comfort Inn in Payson.  The elevator was broken, but at least they had a hot tub after a long drive.