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Thanksgiving - Eno River Hike

posted Nov 24, 2011, 9:44 AM by Justin P
This morning, I went to Eno River to do hike #15 from 100 Classic Hikes, the second hike that I will miss for my honeymoon.  I parked along Rivermont Road and hiked the Pump Station Trail to the split and took Laurel Bluffs Trail to the end at Guess Road.  On the way back, I stopped to check out some of the sites along the river - Panther Cliffs, Gebel Rocks, and Fish Dam Island.  Back at Pump Station Trail, I finished this trail out as well, stopping at the old Pump Station for a few pictures.  I followed the trail along the Eno River then back around to Rivermont Road.  Now, off to my parents house for lots of turkey and pumpkin pie!