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Weetock Trail

posted Nov 28, 2011, 11:17 AM by Justin P
Yesterday, we hiked the Weetock Trail at Croatan National Forest; however, calling it a trail might be a stretch.  We parked along NC-58 and hiked down an old road for a ways then ventured into the woods along where the path used to be.  There were a few blazes, but not much that looked like a trail.  After a ways, we came to a field and strayed a bit to check out the giant pile of saw dust, remnants of an old mill.  Then across the field and into the densest part of our route.  There were many briars and no semblance of a trail whatsoever.  But we plunged through with the help of a GPS map and crossed a stream to what looked a bit more like a trail, albeit one that had not been used or maintained in some time.  Near a small stream, we saw a cotton mouth!  He was not happy with our presence, but he wasn't within striking distance.  Further on, we got to a forest road, but couldn't find the trail, so we we followed the road for a bit, then ducked into the woods and finished up following the blazes to Haywood Landing.